Erkin Abdulla is a Uyghur musician, music style is Contemporary Folk, Uyghur pop and Flamenco. With his unique voice and superb guitar skills, his music has various elements. Erkin combined Uyghur folk and modern music styles to create a cross-cultural and borderless global music style.


    As a Uyghur musician, Erkin has been focusing on the development of the Uyghur ethnic traditional music heritage. He has fully learned the ancient Uyghur Muqam – Dolan’s artistic essence, created many songs with Uyghur ancient and modern elements, like “The Eagle of Tengri Tagh”, “The Thousand Caves” the best modern Uyghur music. Also, he consolidated, produced, performed and did the adaptations for the Pamir ethnic folk rhythms which are becoming extinct in recent years. He always dedicates his music works to enrich the Uyghur ethnic culture and make the music world more colorful.

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Los Angeles,California,USA